How to Bootable your Pendrive Without Software

Sometimes it is going to be a necessary matter that makes bootable a Pendrive or USB flash drive. If you are unable to use your DVD ROM to install Windows on your PC, then it is a required thing that bootable any removable disk. Here is the a to z guide about how to bootable your USB/Pendrive and prepare for installing Windows 10/8/7.

The process is entirely manual and without software. You know that there is a lot of free and paid software are available on the market for easily bootable a Pendrive.

How to Bootable your Pendrive Without Software

But here is the guide to doing it in manually. With some commands on your Windows PC, you can do it within a single minute only!

How to Bootable your Pendrive Manually #Without Software

Follow me step by step below. These are much simple and easier than your imagination. You have to do every command and task carefully. You don’t need a third-party bootable application, I promised!

The Manual Method To Bootable A USB Flash Drive

Maybe you have already heard about the command promoting the application on Microsoft Windows. But do you know about Command Promote on Windows PC, before?


Choose Pendrive/USB/Removable Flash Drive, which has a minimum of 16GB capacity.


Now insert the targeted Pendrive on the best USB port on your Laptop or Desktop.


You have to run the command promote application by searching the CMD on your start menu.


Click on the run CMD as an Administrator by right-clicking on the application logo.

Alternative or shortcut process of Steps 3 & 4: Press the Start Button (Windows logo) + R from the keyboard. Now write only three words CMD and press OK/hit Enter.


Within a few seconds, a black window will appear on your screen, and you have to type the code “diskpart” before pressing the Enter. As soon as possible, you will see the new permission dialogue box where is available two options “YES” and “NO“. Permit by clicking on the YES. Also, new windows will open with the diskpart information.


Now is the time to type the code “list disk” for viewing your disk information.

list disk


Typically, you will see all the disks which are attached to your computer. You will see them in numbering format. Such as 0 is your HDD/SSD and 1 is your removable disk. You can also see the capacity of your every drive. So you can find out, select, and prefer your Pendrive comfortably. Suppose your Pendrive is listed as #1. So you have selected disk 1 by typing “Disk 1” on the same window of CMD.

Caution: Before going to step 8, you have to save all data from the Pendrive if there contain any essential files. Because step 8 is for format/deleting everything on the removable disk.

Step-8: Carefully type clean from your keyboard and press the Enter key. I have already said above that this command will format the Pendrive and damage your all data to make bootable the disk.

Step-9: Within 1 minute, you will see the dialogue “Diskpart succeeded in cleaning the disk.”

Step-10: Now you have to make a primary partition for preparing to copy the windows installation files. To do it type “create partition primary” before pressing the Enter. Here a dialogue “Diskpart succeeded in creating the specified partition” will appear if you have done the previous steps successfully.


Now select the partition 1 by typing “select partition 1”


To activate it type “active” and press the Enter


Now is the time to format the disk by typing “format fs=ntfs quick.”


As the next and final command type “exit” and enter to close the CMD.


Now the Pendrive is bootable. If you want to set up Windows 10 on your PC, then you should copy the ISO or image file on the USB flash drive. Also, You can follow the article above linked.

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