How To Keep Safe Your PC From Different Viruses

Prevention is better than remedy, always. It should be a good decision, you have to acquire knowledge for securing your PC before being infected by viruses. A proper guide can help you to more secure your Computer.

A lot of phishing activity is ongoing online for leaking and tracking your personal info like bank details or online login details. Most of the time hackers are silently tracking a victim through some sleeping viruses.

Such kinds of viruses are tracking your activity on the Internet and send the data to the hacker’s group. And, some viruses can corrupt your files and folders, also.

What Is A Computer Virus

A software, Yes! every computer virus is software. But, it is coded to destroy your useful software and data like images, videos, documents, etc. The algorithm of this program is decorated to spread itself from your PC to another PC.

How Many Types of Computer Viruses

Infinite. Yes, it is infinite. Category>Sub Category and infinite. But mainly 3 types of viruses are found online. Some viruses will be attacked your Boot Sector and harm it. Another one is Macro, famous for quickly spreading by corrupting software on PC. Thirdly, scripted for a file encrypted like Ransomware.

These are the main types or you can categories them like the way above according to the antivirus specialist.

How A Virus Spread – Causes of Computer Virus

In the old time when a user used a Floppy drive for data transferring from one PC to another PC; On the time all the viruses are was spread via the Floppy disk.

After a few days, a CD/DVD disk was the best option for transferring files; So like the Floppy, it was the medium for destroying the HDD.

In the middle time of tech civilization, PC operators are feeling comfortable with Pendrive for carrying data. So the viruses have found their way to properly attacking a PC storage perfectly making a tragic event 🙁

In the meantime, Internet speed has done a revolutionary change in the communication & technology field. 3G, 4G, and now in 2022 we are living in the 5th generation of the Internet data connection.

Now we are enjoying the 50Mbps internet speed by using 5G. So you have to realize why a malicious virus not using this speedy path?

Hackers are making a lure for phishing a victim through the various free downloading offers like software, pdf, or a crack. Now the question is stand for me that, everyone knows crack can be done something dangerous. So why does a user download crack?

Pro Tip:

You need software for video editing which is not free. But you are unable to pay for the Pro. And, the pro version need urgently for you.

So what is you will do now? Are you now searching for a virus-free crack on the web?

Yes! hackers will take this weakness. And, offer you to provide a virus-free crack for activating the pro on your PC. Your antivirus will block the crack, but the hacker suggested you turn off your antivirus for 10 minutes and then install the crack. Like an innocent boy, you have taken the method and finally, you have to attack by the Malicious program.

So I think, you know what should you do on the Internet, already!

Symptoms of Computer Virus

Are you PC hagging? unusual data consumption? or abnormal activity? Yes, maybe you are now infected. Here I have described some symptoms:

  1. Slow down the computer
  2. Computer acting abnormally
  3. Softwares acting abnormally
  4. Programs opening with your command
  5. Or, closing with your permission
  6. High-level internet data-consuming
  7. The access to your mail is not on your hand like sending and drafting automatically
  8. Files are encrypted or not opened or not found any software for the opening the file
  9. Adware attacks such as ads are opening on the popup, brutally
  10. Automatic installing the various extensions on your browser without your permission

etc, etc……..

How To Prevent Computer Virus

Follow the guide and keep safe your PC:

Ransomware Protection

ransomware protection

Go to Windows Security>Virus & Threat Protection>Manage Ransomeware Protection and enable it

ransomware protection enabled

  1. To make a healthy computer firstly you have the enable the firewall of your PC
  2. Must use the pro internet security like Kaspersky, Norton, or Avast
  3. Do not download crack software or crack files. Alternatively, you can use the Open Source software which is a lifetime for free!
  4. Enable 2-step verification on every web login.
  5. SMS alert on every login
  6. SMS alert for every transaction from the Bank account
  7. Using the adblocker extension on the browser can be helpful
  8. If possible you should use a MacBook which can save your data more securely than Windows OS
  9. Get up to date always. Upgrade your system and software after finding a new version of it
  10. Use a premium VPN for an encrypted connection
  11. Directly type and hit enter to log in on your Bank website, Do not search it on search engine
  12. Do not save your username and password on your browser

Phishing Web Pages For Web Logins


Do not input any user information like usernames or passwords on the sites which are not secure. I mean, you have to confirm first that the website uses an SSL for a secure connection.

Before inputting your user and pass, confirm that you are in the correct place, which means correct domain names. Some hackers are now creating a site fully looking like Facebook or Twitter.

But you have to keep your eyes on the domain name correctly. They buy domain names looking likes facebookk, faceboook, or faceb00k (Zero Zero), which is a phishing method.


It will be a long article if I describe more. I have tried the share the basics of PC security. And, I think it should be useful for the visitors of If you have any queries or need to know more about any things which are relevant the Computer security, then feel free to ask me.

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